Food Revolutions Don't Launch Themselves


Value For Startups


You have a great idea for a new product, and you already know what you want in it and how you want it to look when you are done.  Congratulations!  The next several steps for bringing your product to market are crucial to its short and long term success.  We can help with these.  For example:

  • Where are you going to manufacture?

  • What type of packaging can they support?

  • Do they have the right equipment to meet your needs?

  • Who is going to handle distribution and ingredient sourcing?

Each of these questions can be very complex to answer.  Let us help you frame out the pros and cons for the different options and then make it happen.



You have launched a new product, but your costs are not where you'd like them to be.  It's ok, this is common.  We know how to shake the COGS tree and find substantial savings.  We can tell you where to look, go find it ourselves and implement to your benefit, or some hybrid that works with your organization and resourcing.



Your product is growing like crazy.  Awesome!  Your manufacturing solution now needs millions of dollars to expand with demand.  Not awesome.  There are lots of solutions still available to you though.  We will help you select the best 1-3 options and execute them, depending your risk appetite.


Value for Growing Companies

Project Support

Your leadership has a great new product that they want to commercialize, but you aren't resourced to support bringing a new product to market.  You are staffed to support ongoing operations.  Let us help translate the needs of the development team to the plant and coordinate with any existing master plans you may have.  We can then support your team with extra manpower throughout the project.  When the new product is in the market, we go away.  This way, you support the project without adding headcount, we become a project expense instead of an overhead cost, and you are the hero.


Gap Support

Your team is capable of handling anything, and you have the resources to expand your team, but finding the right team members to fill the open headcount has proven to be challenging.  Oh, and of course you have a surge of projects coming, so you really can't take much longer.  Let our highly qualified team come fill that gap (maybe on a part time basis), instead of hiring the wrong person, and buy yourself some more time to find the right person.  



The organization wants to grow in a new direction and develop a product that is a massive departure from where your plant operates now.  You just need a little insight into what the best manufacturing strategy for this new product should be.  We can pull from best practices elsewhere in the industry and either propose a capital modification plan or launch at a contract manufacturer and bring it in house later.  We can help find and start up at that contract manufacturer as well.